To understand how online slots work, you must understand how the internet works. It is a complex yet very straight forward process.

Open protocols in software and websites enable easier and more reliable interoperability. Open protocols are the basis of much of the web (email and standard web pages) – they have not taken hold in web 2.0, but will be essential to effective functioning of the swarm.

Relevant to the platforms planned for COTW:

RESTful architecture Status: Active?
OStatus – combines Pubsubhubbub, ActivityStreams, Salmon, Portable Contacts, and Webfinger into an integrated package. Used in StatusNet microblogging platforms, elements of it used in Friendika,[1] and used in GNUSocial (older version of OStatus, as at November 2010), and planned for Diaspora. Status: Active
DFRN – The Distributed Friends and Relations Network. Provides for private message sharing. Created as an open protocol for the Friendika project, as a complement to OStatus, (which doesn’t cater for private messages yet). Status: Active
Buddycloud – based on OStatus, adds private messages. Status: Active
The Friend of a Friend (FOAF) project Status: ?
SIOC (Semantically-Interlinked Online Communities) initiative aims to create and leverage a layer of semantic data in online communities. Status: ?