Open Stewardship

Open Stewardship is the operating philosophy of the Coalition. Review the first statement on Stewardship and Open Culture.Reproduced from the Coalitionblog, with slight modifications per context of “being here on”:

Stewardship and Open CultureThe openness meme has gained credibility and vitality in recent years, with an ever increasing range of proponents advancing the cause of open access, architecture, currencies, data, government, hardware, identity, knowledge, media, platforms, protocols, source code, spectrum, and standards. Despite the popularity of the prefix, however, the layeredness of the many open applications remains to be spelled out and connected in a coherent whole. Open Stewardship suggests a synthesis of this field. Open Stewardship is an emergent concept – the product of many projects and reflections that are already bearing independent fruit and need only to be connected as a patterned whole.

Stewardship, as an ethic, implies taking responsibility for and managing a collective resource. Open Stewardship is a way of thinking, acting, and being that invites and facilitates the ongoing care and co-creation of shared resources within complex, fluid environments. These shared resources can be understood in the narrow sense of code, concepts, or designs. Shared resources can be understood in a broader sense to include our environments — both our online environments, and the places we live (our cities, towns, neighborhoods). Finally, our shared resources include our collective social contexts – our groups, organizations, institutions, and networks. Open Stewardship invites and facilitates the care and development of these resources in the context of ever-expanding networks of projects and concerns.