With a growing variety of existing social networks, including many with intentions related to those of COTW, we are considering methods of aggregating and interconnecting networks instead of competing for limited attention and inputs. Such a “meshwork” might exist as a custom dashboard interface for users, bringing together contextual information and opportunities based on an individuals interest, experience, offerings and relationships. This sort of adaptive peer-to-peer network could enable powerful “collective intelligence” functions based on comprehensive awareness in the web social ecology.

Some tools and efforts leading in this direction include:

Superfluid – Silobreaker (proprietary) – Gaiasoft (proprietary) – Espra Trustmap –

Concept: A place where people can socialize, share experiences and ideas, participate in on-line events, and co-ordinate actions.

Today, you can use the internet to do practically anything including play online casino games in the comfort of your home.

– Function: Global, cross-discipline

– Target audience: Activists, pragmatists

– Model: Facebook meets Indymedia

What users do: Connect, share, organize, initiate

What users learn: Climate politics and issues; what is happening on other parts of the Coalition network and how they could use or engage it; how to make things happen, what collaboration can do and has done

What users remember: “This is where contemporary climate action creates and expresses itself”