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Interoperability lets different platforms share information. It is helped by:open protocols,
data portability (See Wikipedia:DataPortability and the – the “DataPortability Project”)
At this early stage (late 2010) intent is at least as high a priority as interoperability.

Ideas:Simplest level
A basic agreement as to vision and purpose, working groups with members from various platforms, and shared action items within the various working groups
Medium levelHigher level
Cross-login between platforms
High level
A central profile which combines information and links from relevant platform. Shared site notices, so you can be on a Green Knowledge Trust site, for example, and still receive notices about messages (and perhaps activity, Facebook style) on the Catalyst Network. (We want to be careful to do this in a way that’s not overly distracting – avoid the danger of pulling people back to an activity stream, perhaps by keeping a focus on that person’s priorities.)