Green knowledge ecosystem

The green knowledge ecosystem has the Green Knowledge Trust at its core, and a proliferation of content on other platforms linking back and with with the GKT and among each other.This includes blogs and forums, and any other platform which contain and share knowledge. Elements of a healthy ecosystem
Compatible open licenses enable the evolution and refinement of knowledge.The ability to find highly regarded content is important – this can happen through:

Voting/rating mechanisms,
Popularity of pages as measured through bookmarking (e.g. Delicious) and/or sharing on social media sites. Delicious has a tagging facility that is useful-maybe we should use a unique tag to identify bookmarks relevant to Coalition of the Willing? It has been suggested to create a space where pages/links can be discussed/commented upon. Delicious allows people to leave short comments when they bookmark links which is a step in this direction.
Finding interesting content within my own network – e.g. blogs by friends.
A respected and qualified group, or respected individuals, voting on pages they consider important. This avoids problems of gimmicky rather than useful content getting the most attention, as with other forms of filtering. (Choosing the people will be an important process. It probably shouldn’t be a popularity contest; it may be the job of a Benevolent Dictator For Life – the escape clause being that no one is forced to follow a particular set of experts. But if done well, it may be a popular and respected reference point.