Evolving vision

The film expresses a general model, but that model should not be viewed as static. Within the context of the Coalition the core ideas have continued to evolve, and at this site we endeavor to keep ourselves informed of latest thinking and to allow newcomers to get a quick overview on the evolving vision, so they may become participants in the ongoing evolution of this work.

As you enter the space ready to share your reactions to the film or other Coalition discourse – bear in mind that you may find that others with the similar reactions – perhaps expressed in different terms may have helped to shape the general vision.

Also – as you approach the work from your own spheres of care, charge and concern, you may feel that your work is not reflected or represented in any of the current working groups, and you may wonder whether it is within the scope of the Coalition. You may also wonder whether we are sensitive to the issues you raise. Don’t be shy. Express your concerns as invitations, rather than as arguments. That is: We invite you to initiate your own invitations, in this space or elsewhere. It is not for us alone to further this work.

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