What is the Coalition of the Willing

The Coalition started as a film and has grown into a movement. The film proposes an open source approach to the war on global warming. We are exploring the social and technological dimensions of this vision, while broadening the message to speak to a range of campaigns and organizations. We are advocates of open, sustainable culture, part of the larger Great Transition underway.

The Coalition occupies several spaces for communication and action. See the navigation bar for points of entry. “BetterMeans” is where we maintain a project/task overview, but the greater part of the work takes place in Teams such as the Project_Matching Team a.k.a. CC-PMS.

The film proposes using the internet for three areas of work, with different aims and audience.

A Catalyst Network – a system to connect action groups around the world.
An Open Innovation Platform – new open source design for change.
A Green Knowledge Trust – the practical knowledge, the answers you need.
There are many people, groups and initiatives working in these areas and much to be gained by developing methods enabling them to easily work together. We are gathering insights from existing and proposed systems in order to distinguish patterns of use and growth potential for optimized application and interoperability. Please submit your ideas, experiences, and any reference material or project websites to one of the three category pages