Coalition of the Willing

We invite visitors to register here. We should be clear on what that means — i.e. it means contributing to the stewardship of the portal– or we should develop the registration profile system here, if we intend it to mean more. – MM

I’d like to have channels for People, Groups/Organizations to register/enlist. “We can welcome folks to stewardship of this wiki/portal, but short of that the registration is redundant- it does not signify enlistment in the Coalition … or rather — we have no shared system for doing so. This aspect should be a project under the Catalyst,”- MM

We need to decide how / where to embed the film. Linking out to the film project site is fine, but I think we should be able to use the vimeo embed code here, keeping vistors and their conversations on this portal. -MM

Jason opposes the video itself being embedded on the main page, but would support a graphich image / link to another page with the video embedded.
(<- As a matter of policy, each page where the film is embedded or promoted should link back to our portal) What exactly should be on the page where people watch the video?

Where do we want to steer people? I’d rather not steer them back to FB. FB should steer people who want to get involved here. That doesnt mean we dont mention FB. Let’s identify clear channels/spaces to ask particular kinds of questions as well as a space for general questions. We don’t need to direct them to the FB group and suggest they can ask Q’s there. If they are moved to ask them there, that’s already in their power. -MM