Better Means

BetterMeans (homepage) is a platform for collaborating on work in an open way. It is a useful tool for those wishing to practice open stewardship in a project.

The Coalition of the Willing is using BetterMeans – you can either:

See the BetterMeans COTW cheat sheet (recommended), or
Jump straight to the BetterMeans COTW workstream.

About the software
It is based on the RedMine project management package. RedMine is open source and BetterMeans has fed some of its changes upstream; however as BetterMeans is a service and software is not distributed, they are not obliged under their open license to share the code. They have yet to decide whether to share the code as open source.

The development process has a public aspect on the BetterMeans platform itself – see Website Platform.

It is currently (December 2010) not possible to import data from other systems, even Redmine.